Insignia Training Partners, LLC specializes in identifying and providing exceptional learning resources to Fortune 500 companies to help them meet learning objectives.
Our focus is primarily in content development and delivery,
and our network of qualified instructional designers and facilitators bring years of experience across countless topic areas and industries.

What isn’t working?

What needs to change?

What do you need your people to know or do differently?

This is where we step in. Right at the beginning.

When Insignia partners with you,
our approach is efficient, our
design is seamless integration,
and our goal is solving your problem.

Since 2007, Insignia Training Partners, LLC has focused on helping our clients manage the design, development, and deployment of performance-based learning solutions.

In plain terms, we create the change you need in your people.

Insignia designs custom training to meet your group’s
culture, learning style, and roles.

Then we build it…
eLearning module, video, instructor-led class, role-play workshop, booklet, etc.
…and deploy

Leaving your people with smiles and skills,
your business with improved performance, and
you with exactly the results you need.

Insignia's value lies in our ability to build and nurture
long-lasting relationships with our clients by consistently providing the perfect resources for their learning and development projects.

We start with the problem

You need employees to do somthing differently...

Adapt to new software systems (without grumbling!). And use systems correctly, because for considerable expenditures, you need to see return on investment.
Pass IT security or other compliance courses. Work more effectively with customers. Or each other.
Increase sales. Work faster. Work smarter.
New-hire training, so your folks hit the ground running on day one.

Your problem is our welcome mat. Our team of experts will work with
your unique needs, identifying where training solutions can make the
biggest impact on your bottom line. We’ll listen to you, offer options,
and execute solutions on time and on budget.

Learner Buy-In

Attitude can make or break otherwise solid training. Learner engagement is crucial. If they don’t “buy in” to the value of the training, their brains are simply not in a receptive state for new information. The best training materials won’t yield results if learners feel their time is being wasted, are bored, or don’t see how the information directly relates to their work. Engaging the learner is Insignia’s secret ingredient for training that not only has participant buy-in, but gets high learner marks for being useful, worth their time, interesting, and sometimes even fun. Generating learner buy-in is an art, beyond the nuts and bolts of instructional design, and learner buy-in is Insignia’s specialty. We love your learners, and it shows in our results.

We have talented instructors and designers with in-depth experience in specialized industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Trade Shows & Events
  • Food Service
  • Hospitality
  • Medical
  • Marketing
  • Banking
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Tax & Accounting
  • Kronos - UKG Dimensions
  • Telecommunications
  • Sales
  • E-Commerce