Giving and Receiving Feedback

Course Description:
This course, Giving and Receiving Feedback, teaches the skills that are necessary to both give and receive constructive and positive feedback in a way that maintains relationships and increases performance. Feedback opens the door to discussion and problem solving, and it is important to personal growth and development.

When feedback is given constructively the receiver of the feedback is more likely to listen non-defensively and take appropriate action. The receiver of feedback has equal responsibility in creating a comfortable interaction between the giver and receiver.

This course starts with defining feedback and identifying why it is so hard to give. The answer identified in class will be a surprise and provide awareness on how to give feedback. Next participants are involved in a role play with a realistic scenario. During this scenario, participants are assigned the roles of either supervisor to employee or peer to peer. The objective is to explore how to approach someone when giving him/her feedback. This section also includes an activity involving four balls and a box; it is a fun but significant learning exercise about what style(s) of feedback people most want from others.

An important influence technique in giving feedback of any kind is the ability to speak in observation terms versus judgment terms. This important technique is taught using lecture, video, and practice.

Models make it easier for participants to learn ìhow toî do what they are learning. Because models make it easier, there is a four-step model for how to give constructive feedback and a three-step model for how to give positive feedback. These models are taught and then a robust skills practice with feedback follows. One of the most difficult aspects of giving constructive feedback is anticipating and responding to the receiverís response. Participants engage in an activity that explores how to handle when the receiver gives a difficult response.

This class finishes with an important but sometimes forgotten skill of how to receive feedback. During an activity called What Would You Say? participants explore appropriate responses to a variety of feedback scenarios.


  • Define feedback.
  • Identify guidelines for giving feedback.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use observation versus judgment.
  • Apply steps to giving constructive feedback.
  • Apply steps to giving positive feedback.
  • Identify guidelines for receiving feedback.

Course Duration: This course is a 4-hour or 6-hour course.

Additional Information:
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