Leading T.E.A.M.work

Course Description:
Most of the time when you hear the term teamwork, you hear about a group of people who get together to complete a special project. This course is about creating a team environment with the people with whom you work each day. The difference is that the people you work with everyday may not be interdependent in their jobs. One thing is true - the team environment that you create will contribute to a productive and friendly workgroup. Participants will learn techniques for translating team goals into individual goals, empowering all group members to participate, monitoring the group´s environment, and integrating new team members into the group.

Action objectives:

  • Identify telltale signs that the TEAMwork within your group needs your attention.
  • Apply techniques to translate the goals to individual group members.
  • Describe to group members how their contributions affect the goals of the group and the organization.
  • Apply techniques to empower all group members to participate.
  • Discuss how stereotyping of group members affects the team environment.
  • Apply techniques to encourage collaboration amongst all group members.
  • Apply techniques to monitor the group’s team environment and to make adjustments.
  • Integrate new team members into your workgroup effectively and efficiently.
  • Address non-team behaviors with one or more of the tools provided in class.


  • A four-element framework of TEAMwork
  • An understanding of the elements that are strengths and the elements that need to be improved
  • Actions to implement to increase TEAMwork within your workgroup


  • T.E.A.M.work assessment (in the participant guide)

Course Duration: This course can be customized to meet a four or eight-hour agenda.

Additional Information:
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