Let's Plan-To Meet

Course Description:
Meetings are often described as being one of the biggest time wasters in the work environment.
Countless hours are devoted to meeting attendance, which can comprise a large portion of an organization’s resources. However, the problem is not the actual meeting, but rather how the meeting is planned and facilitated. Poor planning and facilitation are guaranteed to result in a nonproductive meeting and a waste of company resources. This course is designed to help participants utilize tools and methods to plan, prepare, and facilitate a productive meeting that will capitalize on the time and talents of all attendees.

Participants begin by learning a four-step process that they can use to structure and facilitate their meetings. A large portion of a meeting’s success depends on the work that is done before the meeting ever occurs. Participants learn the value of identifying a clear, concise purpose statement. They then identify desired outcomes that align with that purpose. This process will help participants to structure the agenda and to determine the issues that truly need to be addressed in the meeting.

The next segment of the course will demonstrate the value of an agenda and how to construct the agenda so that it is directly tailored toward meeting the desired outcomes. The agenda will help enable participants to maintain focus during the meeting. They also learn some simple techniques to keep the meeting on track. Difficult attendee behaviors are not uncommon; methods to overcome these behaviors will be discussed and practiced during the session. Finally, participants learn about tools they can use to review a meeting and to determine its overall effectiveness. These tools can be used to continuously improve the meeting process so that every meeting becomes productive.


  • Utilize a four-step process to successfully plan and facilitate a virtual or face-to-face meeting.
  • Create a clear purpose statement.
  • Identify desired outcomes that will achieve the purpose of the meeting.
  • Discuss the logistics of setting up a meeting.
  • Develop an agenda that is focused on achieving desired outcomes.
  • Resolve difficult attendee behaviors.
  • Utilize techniques for capturing action items and off-topic issues.
  • Review a meeting to evaluate its overall effectiveness.
  • Utilize three tools that keep a meeting on track.

Course Duration: This course can be customized to meet a four-hour classroom session, a 1.5-hour lunch and learn, or a one to two hour webinar.

Additional Information:
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