Mentoring: Building and Retaining Talent

Course Description:
Mentoring is one way in which to transfer experience and knowledge to new workers. Mentoring has been proven to reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction. This course provides an opportunity for a mentor and his/her mentee to work together. Mentors and mentees will learn about each other and how to work effectively together. Worksheets are provided that allow mentors and mentees to learn about each other, to identify interaction guidelines, and to set mentoring goals. Participants will discuss and practice the components of being an effective mentor and mentee.

Action objectives:

  • Define your role and responsibilities as a mentor or mentee in the mentoring process.
  • Define the organization’s role in the mentoring process.
  • Discuss the stages of mentoring and the activities in each stage.
  • Apply three components of successful mentoring.
  • Identify your mentor’s or mentee’s interaction style.
  • Implement mentor and mentee goals.
  • Work with agreed-upon interaction guidelines.
  • Set and manage expectations for the mentoring relationship.
  • Listen with openness and understanding.
  • Coach mistakes without telling or criticizing.
  • Provide supportive feedback.


  • An understanding of roles and responsibilities
  • A completed worksheet for interaction guidelines and mentoring goals
  • Strategies for recognizing others when their actions align with the vision and values
  • Three mentoring tools: listening, coaching, and feedback


  • DiSC profile

Course Duration: This course is a 4-hour course.

Additional Information:
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