Stress Management

Course Description:
Most of us struggle with ongoing pressures and demands from our work, family, and personal life. How we interpret and perceive stress contributes to how we react to it. Some people view stress as positive or negative, but in reality it is an energy force that can enhance or break down our health and performance. In this course, participants will learn how stress works, understand their sources of stress through an assessment, understand the effects of stress, develop coping strategies, and create an action plan to contribute to stress reduction and improve productivity. The stress assessment in this class, StressMap®, is a powerful assessment covering four distinct areas and 21 different scales.

Action objectives:

  • Define stress.
  • Discuss how stress works.
  • Describe the three-step process to manage stress.
  • Identify stress levels in four distinct categories: environmental, coping responses, inner world thoughts and feelings, and signals of distress.
  • Learn effective stress-coping strategies.
  • Create an action plan to reduce stress and improve personal productivity.


  • A three-step model for understanding and managing stress
  • An understanding of personal sources of stress
  • An action plan for coping with stressors

Professional instrument:

  • Stress Map®

Course Duration: This course is a 4-hour course.

Additional Information:
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