Communicate with Clarity

Course Description:
Communication skills are increasingly important to an organization's success. Every function and activity involve some form of direct or indirect communication. Employees are able to achieve their goals and perform at a high level only when they communicate with each other as needed. This course focuses on the process of creating open communication in order to increase rapport and productivity. Participants will learn listening and questioning techniques, how to build rapport with others, and internal and external barriers to effective communication.

Action objectives:

  • Explain the theory behind the communication process.
  • Discuss the five common communication barriers that keep the sender’s message from being sent and received in the way in which it was intended.
  • Assess communication skills and identify areas of strength and development.
  • Apply the five steps for creating open communication.
  • Use the appropriate nonverbal skills to enhance communication with others.
  • Create assertive statements.
  • Apply open-ended questioning techniques to increase two-way communication.
  • Use active listening skills to improve rapport and productivity in the working environment.
  • Demonstrate empathy when communicating with others.
  • Understand responsibilities in regard to organizational communication.


  • An understanding of your role in organizational communication
  • How to communicate assertively
  • Techniques for building rapport during communication


  • Communication Skills assessment (in the participant guide)


  • Straight Talk

Course Duration: This course is an 8-hour course.

Additional Information:
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