Content Design and Development

Insignia Training Partners uses a development methodology that provides the framework upon which all content and development projects are based.  This methodology is scalable to meet specific project requirements, development technology to be used and timelines.  It is rooted in process and tools that allow development of content in a standardized and efficient manner.

Our instructional design principles focus on results-oriented learning.  The following are four core elements for results-oriented learning:

  • Performance-based objective.  The learning objectives are tied to on-the-job performance requirements, are measurable and align with our clients’ business outcomes.
  • Meaningful content.  We target the essential knowledge and skills needed to improve the effectiveness of our clients’ learners.
  • Relevant context.  We help learners understand why the training is important, and why we engage them in solving real-life problems and in practicing job essential skills.
  • Learner-centered experiences.  Learning environments that are inviting, easy to use, interesting and conducive to learning styles.  We use engaging graphics and media, dynamic interactions and scenarios such as case studies, simulations, learning games and hands on practice.

In additional to our instructional design principles, results oriented learning also requires a systematic process for the design and development of content.  We follow a five step process to ensure a quality deliverable to our clients.

  • Understand learner and performance need
  • Design learning solution
  • Develop learning experiences
  • Assure learning effectiveness and quality
  • Deploy the learning solution
  • Should there be something here about measurement or evaluation of results as part of the process?

Additional Information:
For additional information regarding Insignia's off-the-shelf course offerings, including outlines, customization of content to fit the needs of your organization, and pricing, please contact us @ 586-580-3274 or send and e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We look forward to hearing from you.