Learning Consulting

With over 15 years of experience in the Learning Outsourcing business Insignia has worked with the leaders in the industry and know how a successful learning organization is run.  We can help you put processes and tools in place to help make your training department efficient, effective, and viewed as a valued, respected and indispensable partner by the broader organization.  We can help your training department implement process and tools to:

  • Create Statements of Work
  • Perform needs and audience analysis
  • Develop an SME Handbook
  • Develop a delivery plan
  • Design development standards and guidelines
  • Develop a Instructional Designer Toolbox
  • Develop a Project Management Toolbox
  • Create yearly schedules
  • Manage any large scale rollout of learning solutions
  • Plan a conference
  • Manage utilization of instructor cadres and facilities
  • Institute Corrective and Preventative action quality processes
  • Create and implement change management solutions

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