Unlock the Secrets to Engaging and Profitable Online Events

Introducing Audience Alchemy: A masterclass on audience engagement for coaches, consultants, authors, and subject matter experts.

  • Do your webinars and workshops often fall flat?
  • Do you feel embarrassed and powerless because your audience isn’t engaged?

It’s not just frustrating—it’s a missed opportunity.

You have valuable knowledge to share, but without the right tools, your efforts go unnoticed.

Meet Your Guide

With 20 years of experience in learning and development, Bernie DeSantis is here to change that. Bernie has facilitated over 2,000 virtual trainings across dozens of industries, helping professionals like you turn their expertise into engaging, high-conversion online events. Bernie started his career with experiential training, driven by a passion for helping people unlock their hidden potential. His journey makes him uniquely qualified to guide you to success.

A Simple Plan for Transformation

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Why Audience Alchemy?

Without the right approach, you’ll continue to face these challenges:
  • Spinning your wheels without progress
  • Struggling to convert attendees into clients
  • Hosting unengaging workshops

Imagine increasing your conversion rates and having engaged participants who are ready to buy:

  • Gain practical skills and resources to teach effectively
  • Transform lives and boost your revenue
  • Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs striving for success

Sign Up Today and Transform Your Online Events

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your online events from frustrating to fulfilling. Sign up for Audience Alchemy now and start your journey towards more engaging and profitable online workshops, webinars, and masterclasses.

Your Transformation Awaits

With Audience Alchemy, you’ll go from being frustrated with ineffective online training to becoming a highly effective facilitator. This transformation will not only change your professional life but also impact the lives of those you teach, leading to increased revenue and satisfaction.

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What is the Audience Alchemy Masterclass?

The Audience Alchemy Masterclass is an in-depth online training program designed
to help coaches, consultants, authors, and subject matter experts enhance engagement during their virtual events. Led by Bernie DeSantis, the course provides strategies and insights to transform passive listeners into active participants and loyal customers.

What if I’m already doing virtual events?

If you’re not getting the results you want from your Masterclass, Webinar, or Workshop, this class is for you. We’ll teach you how to leverage Zoom to engage your audience, as the foundation for the course. However, we will also hear from guest speakers that include a Professional Public Speaker, a Networking Expert, a Chief Learning Officer on Insturctional Design, and a Story Brand guide to help you craft your messaging and offers.

What if I have never done a virtual event?

Then this is definitely the right course for you since you don’t have any bad habits to get rid of. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about stepping on camera, facilitating and engaging virtual event, and how to convert those who attend into paying customers for your services. People who show up to your webinar or workshop are interesting in the content you teach. If you are teaching about a service that you offer, then you can make the connection that they are potential customers. Engaged participants in your workshop are primed to buy your services.

Who should take the Audience Alchemy Masterclass?

This masterclass is ideal for professionals who conduct online events, such as webinars, workshops, and mastermind groups, (or want to) and who want to improve their audience engagement and conversion rates. Whether you're a coach, consultant, author, or expert in your field, this course can provide valuable techniques to enhance your virtual interactions.

What makes this masterclass different from other online training programs?

The Audience Alchemy Masterclass stands out due to its unique blend of virtual content delivery and leveraging technology to increase engagement. Bernie DeSantis brings years of experience and proven methods to the table, focusing on creating genuine connections rather than relying on flashy gimmicks. The course dives into the psychology of online interactions to provide a comprehensive approach to engagement.

What can I expect to learn from this masterclass?

Participants will learn how to:

  • Show up on camera and in your own head
  • Engage participants and not just talk AT them
  • Tips for Virtual & in person facilitation
  • Hands on practice using Zoom for engagement
  • Networking tips to fill your rooms
  • Instructional design to build engaging presentations that participants actually
    learn from
  • Creating effective messaging for before and after your events
  • And much more!

How is the masterclass structured?

The masterclass is structured as a 12-week program, with each class building upon the last. You'll start by signing up and attending the kickoff for an overview of the program, then engage with Bernie and his guest speakers strategies through interactive sessions, and finally, implement these techniques to elevate your virtual events.

Who is Bernie DeSantis?

Bernie DeSantis is the guy with the mustache. He’s a seasoned expert in virtual training facilitation and production with years of experience leading thousands of successful sessions. His approach combines tactical know-how with a personal touch, making his strategies effective and relatable.

How does the masterclass help improve audience engagement?

The masterclass covers both the technical and psychological aspects of online interactions. You'll learn how to captivate your audience from the first click to the final applause, create a feedback loop for continuous improvement, and develop genuine connections that encourage active participation and conversions.

Is this masterclass suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The Audience Alchemy Masterclass is designed to be accessible to professionals at all levels. Whether you're new to hosting online events or looking to refine your existing skills, the course provides valuable insights and practical strategies.

What kind of support is available during the masterclass?

Participants have access to comprehensive support, including interactive sessions with Bernie and his guest speakers, peer discussions, and additional resources to ensure you get the most out of the masterclass.

How can I sign up for the Audience Alchemy Masterclass?

Signing up is easy. Simply visit our website, find the Audience Alchemy Masterclass landing page, and follow the prompts to register and pay.

What is the cost of the masterclass?


Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

Yes, participants who complete the Audience Alchemy Masterclass will receive a certificate of completion, recognizing their achievement and new skills in online engagement.

These FAQs should help address common questions and provide clear, concise information about the Audience Alchemy masterclass. If you need any more details or specific additions, feel free to let me know!