Our solutions are tailored specifically to the unique needs of Startups like yours

  • Are you a startup grappling with the challenges of training and development as you scale your business?

  • Do the unique needs of your growing team seem overwhelming?

  • Are you struggling to find a training solution that aligns with your specific policies and procedures?

At Insignia Training Partners, we are committed to addressing and relieving these challenges and obstacles that you may be facing. We offer tailored training solutions specifically designed for startups, addressing your unique needs and accelerating your growth trajectory. Our experienced Instructional designers create courses to enhance your team’s customer service, sales, and leadership skills, providing them with the tools they need to excel.

We understand the importance of staying informed and compliant in ever-changing industries. That’s why our courses are always up-to-date, ensuring your team is well-equipped to navigate this complex landscape.

Here’s how Insignia can assist:

  • Tailored Training: We design courses to fit your organization’s unique policies and procedures, ensuring relevant and effective training.
  • Experienced Instructors: Our team of professionals bring their vast experience to the table, facilitating courses that enhance your team’s skills and performance.
  • Onboarding Training: We provide comprehensive onboarding training, setting your new hires up for success from day one.
  • Virtual Classrooms: We leverage technology to offer virtual classrooms, making learning accessible and convenient for your remote workforce.
  • Training Material Update: If your training materials are outdated, we can revamp them into engaging and current content.

At Insignia Training Partners, we’re not just about imparting skills; we aim to create a cohesive, well-informed team aligned with your vision. We believe that when every employee is on the same page, superior customer service becomes a natural outcome.

So, if you’re ready to take your startup to new heights, don’t hesitate to reach out. Partner with us and let’s navigate the path to success together.

Talent Acquisition

We can locate the right training resource for companies looking to scale and add an FTE to their team.

Virtual Facilitators & Trainers

Insignia’s trainers leverage virtual platforms to provide flexible, remote training and workshops for teams, covering a wide range of topics and industries while accommodating specific subject matter expertise.

In-Person Facilitators & Trainers

Instructor-led training (ILT) offers traditional live, in-person experiences for effective content delivery and hands-on activities. Our trainers provide engaging and educational classes, drawing from their expertise or your customized content.

Leadership Development

People quit leaders, not jobs. For growing small businesses or inexperienced managers, Insignia designs custom leadership programs and offers experienced facilitators & coaches. We provide resources and training for any stage of leadership development.

Learning Project Management

LPM is a service for companies with large-scale learning initiatives, complex training programs, or rapid employee ramp-ups. Learning Project Managers handle extensive projects like multi-state certifications and licensing for various industries.

Virtual Meeting & Training Support

Avoid bad virtual meetings with expert Virtual Producers handling platforms like Zoom and Teams. They manage logistics before, during, and after events, letting facilitators focus on content and engagement. Experience the difference with 3000+ successful virtual events.

Learning Strategy

A learning strategist creates a roadmap for organizational learning, identifying knowledge and skills needed for success in every role. They determine effective training methods, saving time, energy, and money by planning before designing course content.

Instructional Design

Instructional designers transform your expertise into engaging training courses, turning raw content into easy-to-digest learning modules. They create or redesign programs for maximum retention and execution, ensuring effective onboarding and skill transfer.


(Support, Implementation, Administration)

LMS options for businesses simplify content deployment, track training completion, and measure success. Insignia supports data transfers, implementation, and LMS administration, ensuring effective management of your learning strategy.

Voice-Over Acting

A skilled narrator is crucial for e-learning success. Professional voice actors engage learners, preventing monotone delivery and poor audio quality from ruining the experience. Invest in quality narration to ensure effective training outcomes.


Focus on your success.

Schedule a no-cost discovery meeting that works with your busy schedule.

You have questions; we have answers.

What size startups can you work with?

We can support start-ups of any size with their learning needs. We have extensive experience partnering with top international firms while still being accessible to start-up owners and individuals.

Do you offer online solutions?

Yes. We are capable of developing innovative and effective online solutions for a variety of needs and applications, including video & audio solutions, e-learning, or virtual courses. We also have pre-designed courses available to purchase and utilize “out of the box”.

Can you create a custom solution for any startup industry?

Yes, our skilled Instructional designers are experienced in developing custom content for training programs, workshops, and seminars. We will work with you to define your objectives and develop a training solution that is tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

We can take a more traditional instructor lead classroom training approach, or we can develop your content to be delivered virtually or self-paced e-Learning courses that can be loaded and delivered electronically through your LMS. Regardless, we’ll also develop companion materials for whatever mode of communication you choose. Job aids, participant and facilitator guides, PowerPoint presentations, and much more can also be included.

Can you deliver material we have already created in-house?

Yes, our talented facilitators are capable of taking existing materials you have developed internally and deliver the content on your behalf.

Do you offer CPE?

Our courses are tailored to fulfill the prerequisites for earning Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. While we do not provide credits directly, you can rely on us as a comprehensive resource for meeting certification needs to upgrade your professional qualifications.

How much does it cost?

Pricing will vary based on the project, the project’s complexity, the required experience, or familiarity with the subject matter with the chosen resources for your project. While the price may vary, the quality of performance by Insignia resources can be relied on to be of the highest quality, regardless of price point.