Virtual & In-Person Facilitators & Trainers

At Insignia Training Partners, LLC, we pride ourselves on our remarkable network of trainers and facilitators. Our team boasts years of experience spanning numerous subject areas, industries, and technologies. Upholding the ideals of founder Ann Debus, Bernie DeSantis has continued selecting only the best professionals who exhibit a unique blend of creativity and industry know-how.

At Insignia we offer Virtual & In-Person Training


Virtual Training

Our virtual trainers are highly versatile, available day or night, and can be accessed from any part of the world thanks to virtual platforms such as Zoom, Webex, Adobe Connect, and Teams. The global pandemic proved to us that business and training can still be done virtually, without compromising quality. Whether you have a virtual team spread across different time zones, or you simply require a convenient and cost-effective option, we have you covered.

In-Person Training

Instructor-led training, or ILT, is a timeless classic. It encompasses all live, in-person training methods, including classroom sessions, boardroom lectures, experiential workshops, keynotes, and simulations. Some content can only truly resonate when delivered face-to-face, and certain activities and exercises require a physical presence.

For those types of ILT classes, our trainers focus on learning your content, and bring their own expertise to the table to deliver engaging and educational classes. Our classes are as entertaining as they are informative.


Whether virtual or in person, we can make use of your existing training content, or work with content created by another vendor, such as SaaS companies that require their users be trained by professionals. We can also engage our top-notch instructional designers to create custom training for special topics. We offer a diverse array of training services, including sales, customer service, leadership development, and process training, which cater to any industry or subject matter. Our trainers specialize in change management, HR, and industry-specific expertise, and can provide lecture-style or workshop formats through either in-person or virtual training to accommodate your needs.