Online Event Consulting

Virtual meetings and training can be a game-changer for organizations in today’s remote work landscape, but effective follow through can be a challenge. Our producers streamline this process with efficient management, ensuring seamless meetings and training.

In the last month or even week, how many virtual meetings, training, or webinars did you go to?

Did any stand out for all the wrong reasons?

  • The facilitator wasn’t on camera
  • The video lighting and angle wasn’t showing the facilitator properly
  • The audio sounded quiet or distant
  • The chat commentary was missed
  • The management of the virtual classroom seemed “clunky”
  • The facilitator didn’t know what they were doing

Did you walk away from those virtual events thinking that you just wasted an hour of your life? Or worse, does it sound like I am describing YOU during your last virtual facilitation?

People will put on virtual events, meetings and webinars for a variety of purposes and reasons. However, one thing is certain and consistent across them all. The best virtual events have a producer in support. If you have ever experienced any or all of the above mentioned issues in a virtual training, meeting, or webinar, in all likelihood the facilitator was alone and there was no producer. 

Our producers manage every aspect of the virtual meeting’s technical and logistical details, allowing the facilitator to focus purely on their content and participants. This means managing engagement features, such as whiteboarding and annotations, and handling reporting after the meeting. 

By having a producer, you can ensure your employees stay productive and focused on the task at hand. Having someone behind the scenes results in more cohesive and collaborative virtual meetings and training with better communication between participants. 

A producer also helps prevent technical issues, making virtual meetings run without interruption, safeguarding sensitive information and securing a better environment for discussions. 

Optimize the virtual meetings and training process for your team by having a producer manage every aspect, leading to more productive, secure, and seamless exchanges.

Insignia has supported over 3000 virtual events since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic for companies, like EY, Johnson & Johnson, Jansen Pharmaceuticals, McKinsey & Co, and many more! In all of those events, not a SINGLE facilitator has ever turned around after an event and told us they would rather facilitate alone without a producer.

Managing a Zoom or Teams meeting can be a large task in and of itself, especially if you have hundreds of attendees and plan to use any of the built in engagement features of your platform, like breakout rooms and polling questions. If you have been struggling to run the virtual platform while facilitating alone, you know how challenging it can be to manage logistics and technical support of participants while also engaging and delivering a focused and concise presentation. If you need your next virtual event to go off without a hitch, ask us to support it and you will see the Insignia difference.