Instructional Systems Design

Course Description:
This hands-on, activity-based Instructional Systems Design curriculum covers the assessment, design and development of creating instruction as well as the implementation and evaluation of the designed instruction. Learn practical tips that look at the design process from the learner’s perspective. Gain techniques that shorten the design and development time and create an application-oriented maximum learning experience. Participants bring a design project to class and apply class learnings to the project.


Assessment and Design

  • State the five-phase instructional design model.
  • Explain the difference between a needs assessment and a needs analysis.
  • List the five methods used to collect data for the instructional design.
  • Identify when a performance problem can be solved by instruction.
  • Write instructional goals—terminal objective.
  • Sequence instructional content according to one of the five methods.
  • Write a performance objective.
  • Describe the four learning styles.
  • Apply the eight learning strategies in classroom instruction.
  • Apply a method for creating activities from key learning points.


Participant Guide

  • Discuss the development of the participant guide from the learner’s point of view
  • Chunk content into small units based on purpose or function
  • Classify content based on purpose or function
  • Place visuals in participant materials for maximum impact
  • Create connection with narrative and visuals
  • Apply the five C’s of development to participant materials

Instructor Guide

  • Develop an instructor guide that the first-time instructor can easily understand
  • Write instructions for simple and complex activities
  • Write debriefing questions to summarize learning activities
  • Create transitions that take learners from one topic to the next


  • Explain the four assumptions of adult learners
  • Identify what motivates adult learners–the WIIFT
  • Apply adult learning strategies to current facilitation
  • Learn techniques for facilitating case studies
  • Learn techniques for facilitating large-group and small-group discussions
  • Learn techniques for facilitating a skills practice
  • Learn techniques for effectively answering learner questions–even the tough ones
  • Learn techniques for debriefing activities
  • Learn skills needed to manage classroom disruptions
  • Learn techniques for reviewing/summarizing material
  • Discuss techniques for evaluating the learner’s new knowledge and skills
  • Demonstrate dynamic and eye-catching flip charting
  • Learn facilitator preparation techniques
  • Learn techniques for getting the most out of the facilitator’s guide
  • Practice using facilitation techniques
  • Obtain facilitation feedback for growth and development


  • Discuss the value of evaluating training efforts.
  • Create an evaluation plan.
  • Describe methods that you can use to measure if learning is occurring during the classroom experience.
  • Write an example of each level of evaluation for a developed course.
  • Apply evaluation techniques to instructional design project.

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