Voice-Over Acting

One often overlooked, yet crucial component in e-learning and video or audio based training development is the narrator, moderator, or speaker delivering the voice instruction or facilitation.

Voice-Over is a technique extensively employed in video and film production where an off-screen actor or narrator records dialogue during the editing stage. This technique is commonly used in educational material to provide an additional layer of context to the visuals, or as a guided narration. 

Remember the character Ben Stein played in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off? Yes, the teacher. Poor voice quality, monotone delivery, unprofessional recordings, and bad edits can completely ruin an otherwise great e-learning experience. 

On the other hand, professional voice actors can make all the difference in keeping a learner engaged in e-learning for 30 minutes. Something as simple as the voice quality in a training module can be the determining factor between full engagement and leaving better than when you arrived or spending half an hour aimlessly checking emails and clicking “Next” every five minutes just to get through another tedious presentation.

At Insignia Training Partners, we can provide voice-over acting for many things including:

  • Educational videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Business videos
  • Medical videos