Innovative Problem Solving

Course Description:
The role of every leader includes problem solving. This course focuses on identifying problems proactively, correctly stating identified problems, identifying causes and innovative solutions, and creating action plans. Participants will take the C.A.R.E. profile and learn what role they best play in the innovative problem-solving process. Participants will learn a six-step problem-solving process and 16 different tools that they can use during the process.

Action objectives:

  • Define your role in innovative problem solving.
  • Assess your innovative problem-solving profile using the C.A.R.E. assessment.
  • Identify personal blockers to innovative problem solving.
  • Apply keys to unlocking problem-solving blockers.
  • Analyze the environment for proactive problem solving.
  • Apply a six-step problem-solving process.
  • Select appropriate tool(s) to effectively problem solve.
  • Identify assumptions that affect problem solving.
  • Discuss the challenges and benefits of risk taking and decision making.


  • A creative approach to problem solving
  • A six-step process for problem solving
  • Tools to solve problems individually or with teams


  • C.A.R.E. profile

Course Duration: This course is an 8-hour course.

Additional Information:
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